Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Yep its Tuesday. Well, its Wednesday but this website runs on American time. I can officially say: I have finished the animation for Eligh's Dark Fable. Tomorrow, I am coloring the whole thing in...which doesn't sound like a lot, but that is 30 scenes and backgrounds, colouring every single drawing. The comes in at around 3 minutes...which is double what I originally anticipated. I think I got into a bit too much. It looks pretty good, I like it so far...I just wish I had more time to iron certain issues out and do more frames. A lot of it ended up been animated on 3's...especially the walks...but they don't suffer too much.

Thursday is reserved for doing the sound....which is going to be a chore! I don't really have a good program for doing the sound in and I really don't want to end up doing it in Flash....not at least until I have the soundtrack sorted and can import both the .swf and .wav into the same timeline and just lay them next to one another. Anyway, they are all thoughts for Thursday. Tomorrow is colouring, shading and special effects. Of which there are many... So I will leave you with screenshots of the work I have done today. Again, it is only a tiny sample of what I have done, but I am really, really, really, really tired now and need to get some sleep. I have done 24 hours worth of animation in 2 days and I am finally calling it in.

It's hard to pick out screenshots from today because it has either been walks...of which a screenshot only shows you one frame....or it has been stuff with detailed backgrounds like the one above, where you can't even see what I have drawn...

It's also getting to the point where I don't know what I've already shown you because I am so tired. I'm pretty sure I haven't posted this....it is just after the boy fails to catch the butterfly and loses his temper.

This is where the boy hears a strange sound from the woods.

This is what I'll be sorting out tomorrow. Making sure the you can clearly see the character and the lovely backgrounds. I think this one has some serious potential.

And then the it ends. Time constraints means I have had to remove the scene where the camera zooms out past trees and hills and things which is a real shame. I have replaced it with this long zooming shot though, which will look just as nice when it is all shaded and coloured.

I have also changed the ending. We no longer see a little girl, because it honestly looked like the hand had stolen the boy and put a wig and dress on him. When the girl run into shot after I had animated it all, it just looked wrong...it looked like a joke, so instead I went for a much more sinister and thought provoking ending, where the audience is left to make up their own mind about what has become of the boy.

Also cut: a few wandering through the woods scenes, several key frames of animation - replaced by computer animation instead :( - the evil tree with hundreds of eyes (I was looking forward to animating that scene, it was one of my original sketches...) and the 'through the mist and fog' beginning. All gone due to time constraints....a real shame, but very little I can do about it. I will be lucky to get the animation, my project folder and evaluation done for Friday.....

Anyway...tomorrow: Full Colour shots!

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