Thursday, 8 January 2009


This has felt like the shortest week ever....I have been tucked away inside this little room working away on this piece and it is now 1:53 Friday morning and I am just putting out a test render. Today has been bleedin' awful. Flash continues to do my head in and as much as I love it I am so ready to move away from it. The problem with it is that I know it is a good program if you are willing to put the time in...its just its got no camera features, no sound features and no common sense...well CS3 hasn't at least, I am told there are some improvements in CS4.

Because I know the program so well, whenever something comes up or I am in a rush, I am forced back to it. My work rate is high with the program and that is a good thing....but today. Today I have had to try about 6 different programs. Programs for rendering, programs for sound, programs for editing and God knows I haven't enjoyed it. I even gave up after the first 3 hours....'Sod it, I'll just do it Flash.' But then Flash had one of its moments.... So After Effects.....not playing either....none of them wanted to make it easy for me. I know, I'll tag times from the video, put it together in a Soundtrack program and add it onto the video.... Didn't sync. Why is that animating and designing and planning the piece seems so easy in comparison to rendering the frigging thing out!?

I hate to end the blog on a sour note, but I am going to have to. No pictures today because I was working with sound...instead there is the final piece, which I will link you to as soon as I upload it to youtube. Anyway, onto the evaluation, where I will conclude everything....then I can get some sleep...actually, the render timer says I won't be sleeping for a while yet.

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