Saturday, 3 January 2009

So much to do.... very little time!

So. I have been going for nearly two months on this project now...which sounds like a lot of time. But from conception to finished two and half minute cartoon, that really isn't that much time what-so-ever. I'm just hoping I get an extra week to get all my folder work together otherwise im gunna miss my deadline and be really gutted that I have worked so hard. I want this project to count towards this semesters marks is all.

I elected to use my background designs for demonstration rather than draw in temporary new ones. Not only does this mean that the preliminary work I did now served a purpose, it will be nice to output the whole thing as a rough animated version to look back on after I have completely finished the piece...the difference will highlight how much work has gone into this piece.

This shot won't be in the final piece so I have immortalised it here instead

I like this drawing...and the story behind it goes like this: when you are a young boy all alone in the woods and you crack a twig in the darkness...

It scares the living crap out of you!

And then you get angry at it. I just a read a chapter in The Illusion of Life about character building that states: "A characters true personality is realised by there reaction to the situation they are faced with..." Which means that my character is a tyrant!

Then something amazing happened. I realise I had drawn in all of my storyboard squares. So I re-read the poem with the completed ending and drew up a new storyboard with an ending tacked on.

It starts with this shot. The boy has just found the shack. He is quite amazed by it....

Then I realised I had neglected to draw the shack. So I designed one...and I thought: wow, I can draw perspective buildings reasonably well....I quite like this.

Then I moved onto this shot. It is the beginning of the end. As soon as all of the next storyboard is roughly animated is time to begin the real work. Colouring and animating the entire piece. But if all of the new backgrounds look as good and detailed as this one...then I don't mind the graft!

Things are looking good. If I haven't to delay this project and put it in for next semesters work...I really, really don't mind because I think I might be on the verge of creating something fantastic that I might actually be proud of for once.


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