Monday, 5 January 2009


So. I found out when my deadline is. It is Friday at 3pm. No later than. I estimate to finished my project and sort everything out I need another week and a half to two weeks. So, I am left with no choice but to.....stay up all night every night until Friday and get it all done!!! Woooot! I must be crazy! So, this blog is going to be pretty short because it is nearly 12 o clock and I need to keep going....

Progress is steady really, as it always is with animation. My patience is wearing sadly and I am having to cut corners that I would have quite happily have dawdled at, had a look around and maybe even a quick smoke whilst leaning against the corner itself and having a conversation with it, if I had the two weeks extra. But I don't, so instead I just chucked a quick 's'up' to the corner as I rounded it with a big old animated tween! There is one scene however I am particularly proud of...and that is the scene where the child jumps out and tries to snatch the butterfly, but misses. It looks great because of all the time and planning that went into it, I'm really pleased with it. So for this post I offer you a comparison of what it looked like yesterday and what it looks like today....and then after that there is a few more screenshots of the rest of the work I have done.


First the original. This was a test video embedded into a flash background. At the end of the video I drew the extra poses in with Flash. This was a good piece of planning work because it centered the shot for the action that would take place and it gives a good idea of what the finished shot will look like. It also allows you to concentrate on getting the poses of the character right because you are just re-drawing rather than making it up as you go along.


And this is the one that is ready to be coloured and put into the final piece. Each pose in this shot is really strong and a nice mixture of computer animation and traditional animation makes the movement nice and smooth, but modern at the same time. There are a few cheeky frames in there...with movement lines and multi-drawings but I deliberately applied them out of respect for a dead age of animation. One that I increasingly yearn for... I would love to go into depth about all the techniques and nuances of the scene...but I have an entire animation to animate, colour and do the sound for by, moving on..

This is a good level to be animating at for college I think...this is what I want the rest of my work to look like. Good solid drawing and poses, with good lining and a decent amount of animation. I would prefer to FBF animate, but that just isn't possible with the deadlines and time lines that I am given for each piece of I would like to work to this level minimum.

Here are few selected scenes. I have done so much work today it would be impossible to post can see it in the final animation.

The forest calls to him.

A little experiment with colour whilst I rested numb drawing hand. These are the 'scooby doo' colours I won't be using...

I never thought I would be someone who would enjoy background design...but I have drawn this one three times now and the third time I got it right. It looks great and when its coloured its going to be magic.

Again, some experimentation whilst I was resting. This looks OK...I especially like the colour of the boys tights. I'm hoping desperately that the boys change of appearance halfway through the piece isn't going to confuse everybody....and now I have no time to do questionnaires :( so I will just have to hope.

This is the shot of the boy coming across the shack. Originally, I wanted the shack to be very sharp, made of twigs and very, very scary....but I think the normality of this one makes it even scarier. It could be in your back garden and because it is so recognisable I think it evokes more confusion and fear...which is better.

OK. Back to it. I will make a post tomorrow with some more stuff if I get chance...but time is running away and I fear I will have to make significant cuts if I want to hit the deadline. I already have two good projects under my belt...but a third would seal the deal methinks!

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