Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year!

A happy new year to everyone. Tis the day after new years day...which I spent with my family playing board games instead of working...tisk, tisk...that is nearly four whole days I haven't worked this holiday...I am a lazy bones sometimes. I love this time of year...the cold weather, breath hanging in the air...festive moods and loadsa food. But it does frustrate me how much it slows work flow down. I suppose I should be grateful for a break, but I really want to just crack on and get stuff done. Here are some screeny's from today's work.

The boy looks up at the forest in amazement.

But suddenly his mother's hand appears to ward him away in a similar fashion she did in the opening shots of the piece. Hopefully, this will be recognisable to make sense to the audience...otherwise im gunna have to figure out something new! Everyone I have shown and asked so far has said they understood.

Sadly, he decides to go into the forest anyway, you can tell this from his determined look....

I went back and key framed this scene and all the other scenes with missing keyframes tomorrow I am pushing forwards into the forest.

This is when the boy first enters the wood...we see shadows pour over him as he walks into the darkness....this shot still needs work, this was a test shot.

And finally the transition from light to dark. The big grey rectangle will not signify darkness in the final product, I promise you that. It is there to simply show the difference at this time. You'll notice the dead flowers and spikey trees also help to do that. The trees in the background on the dark side need to be changed as well.

So. It's coming together, but I am running low on time. I think I will have a finished animaic when I go back, but whether it will have sound and whether the finished product will get to count towards my final mark is another thing.

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