Thursday, 8 January 2009


As I sit here at 2:00, on the morning of the due date I ask myself one simple question: why? Why am I still sat. Why have I sat here for the last 4 days of my life. My ass is numb. My fingers and back ache and I am still trying to sync the sound to the video properly. Well, I can tell you for why! Because this is important to me. And if there is one thing that I have learned from this project it is that dedication does eventually pay off with self-gratification. I am PROUD of myself. Not just for the last few days of work, but of the last month. I have worked on this project every spare minute and I thought about it twice as much. And even as I quickly break away to be disappointed by the latest render not syncing up (Which means another hours work) I know I will come back to this evaluation to write same thing: I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this project.

The source material was great to work with because it is such a devilish poem. It feels like a warning, like an old nursery rhyme. I think I went into this project with one idea and my mind went in with the one that ended up coming out of it...and thank goodness because I liked my minds idea a lot more.

I had a lot of fun researching backgrounds and working my own style out of what I found, that has been a real inspiration for me. I think my backgrounds look great....even though the final ones aren't exactly what I wanted. I didn't want to do them in Flash because I didn't want the world around the cartoon character to look cartoony...I wanted it to seem like a cartoon character in the real world, the increase the boys innocence, but sadly...and this is what I intend to repeat a lot: I ran out of time.

The main problem I ran into with this project was that I set myself too much work to do. I didn't estimate the work load correctly and two things have happened. My research is skimpy and nowhere near as good as my last project and the piece ended up been double the original estimated length. Yes, I have created a three and half minute film in under a month and half and the quality is of a pretty decent standard....but it has cost me a lot of research. The development work is there no doubt about it. My blog pays diffidence to that. You can see the piece grow within my blog, you see it come to life. If you follow the entries, you don't even have to read all the garbage I ramble on about, just watch the pictures and the story tells itself. But where the effort really shows is in the final piece. It is the best animation I have made so far. I have worked so hard to get here and all I can hope now is that I get the mark that I have put all this effort in for.

My main grudge is that I didn't get to include a lot of ideas. I had to cut several scenes straight away due to time constraints, one of which had been in the designs since the first day I started drawing. My original storyboard is barely recognisable compared to the final piece...which I suppose is a sign of good development. Another thing I really wanted to do, was include textures in the piece. I have recently started experimenting with them and really like the results. I think I have found quite an individual style within that, one that I really look forward to bringing into my animation more in the future. The final thing I'd like to mention that I missed out is the special effects department. I wanted to have beams of light pouring through the trees and tiny flies buzzing around the place...little touches that would really have brought the wood to life...but they were the first thing to go. The important thing is that the ideas were there originally I suppose...still it is frustrating, because as good as my final piece is and as pleased as I am with it, the one in my head is just that little bit better. But I would have needed at least another month I think.

To conclude. This project has taught me a lot. It has taught me never to underestimate the task at hand and maybe more importantly, that hard work and dedication does pay off in the end. I am proud of this project, even though I know it isn't my best. I am probably more proud of this piece of work that I have ever been of anything else I have created, because I know I haven't skipped corners where I didn't have to. I put the graft in and I didn't skimp out of laziness.

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