Sunday, 4 January 2009

Animaic finished!

Today I have worked diligently and completed the directors animaic. I must say, even seeing the whole piece together not completely animated and with no sound effects is quite exciting. I would definitely like to add some sound before showing anybody the piece and doing any questionnaires to make sure it all runs together OK....O yeah, I'm doing questionnaires by the way. I will be handing them out after 'forcing' people to watch the piece asking questions to make sure that people clearly understand what is happening. I think this is a sensible idea...but sadly, I will still be working towards the final piece at the same I don't know if the feed back I get will even get used towards the final piece....I hope that it does however.

So, the animaic is finished...but I won't be posting it here. are some screenshots of the work I have done today.

The hand comes flying out of the house after the door slowly creaks open. I am quite chuffed with the door animation, though it is mostly computer animated, I think it adds something to the piece...that is why I decided to leave it rather than animate it frame by frame...I look the cut out 2D look of it. I am also pleased with the way the hand looks.

The hand comes flying towards the boy. The middle of his hand spins around all the way through the shot pulling your eyes in. I am really pleased with how intimidating the hand is as it gently hovers in the air. There will be a long cloud of smoke behind it in the finished piece hopefully.

We see the boy become hypnotised by the hand.

And begin to beckon him. This piece of animation, with the hand waggling its finger is going to look great in the final already does in this early shot...not that you can see it from the above shot.

The boy then floats towards the hand. I opted to make him float for ease... Yes it is a cheap 'get out' method, but I have to animate the rest of the piece yet and that is going to take long enough.

He then floats inside the shack and disappears. Several seconds of silence follow before....

The boy flops out of the door in a desperate bid to get away. This is the last time we see the boy as his normal self, in full colour. I think this will be really effective to see the boy that we followed right from the beginning, the pure, good colourful boy been dragged into the darkness....far more effective than watching the pupil-less, soul-less boy been dragged away. Also, it will serve to remind the audience that the boy is innocent and the he has been corrupted by the forest and stolen away...the audience should feel sorry for the boy and hopefully a little scared.

The camera then pans out through the trees away from the shack. This shot is a very early test animation of the wanted is far from successful and may eventually be replaced with a long panning shot of the shack buried under a mountain of woods if I cannot get the desired effect.

The camera continues to zoom out to reveal the final shot. The focus shifts from foreground to can see a slight blur on the foreground in this shot....and a butterfly flies past.

A little girl runs into shot chasing the butterfly and we hear a distant echoing scream. The girl turns to face the wood and the shot goes black. This is the end...and the cycle will continue forever.

If I get the time I want on this piece I feel it will be a masterpiece...otherwise I will have to hand in the animaic and knock-up a quick soundtrack, then finish it for my own personal gain. It will be quite disheartening if I don't get to count this towards my final mark, but this is definitely one of the most fun pieces I have worked on and after seeing the just the rough piece flow together today, I do feel a sense of pride....because I know the final piece will be even better!

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Brill work dan!! Marvelously sinister!

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