Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Today's post contains some work I decided to do towards Eligh's Dark Fable right at the beginning of the project. Way back to I don't know how long ago, it has been considered helpful to create small models of the 2D characters you animate. This way you can see them from every angle, helping you get the perspective right and keep continuity with how the character looks. I think this is a terrific idea and because I think its so great, I decided to make some characters of my own....this eventually turned into a lot of fun and burned away quite a lot of time. Still, it was worth it because I think the results are pretty good :) So here we go!

....and Tutors, before you ask: No I will not be making a claymation or stop motion video...I am making a 2D animation and this is a homage to traditional animation :P

To clarify: the character is not green, this is just a representation. I might history brush the background around him for effect...

This shot is to highlight his cute little quiff!

The net makes for a solid addition I think and it was all relatively simple to put together...and a lot of fun.

I have seen my character from all angles now, which is really going to help me when it comes to animating him :)

But who is this approaching?!

OMG he's coming closer!

O, my god its Dark Boy! :O the light. Notice his little shoes...I was particularly proud of them...and the little lines at the bottom of his body...and the eyes...and head. I just like him a lot!

These shots were a lot of fun to create...his mouth was a bugger to 'draw' into his face.

Amazing what you can do with a torch isn't it....

So here they are together. It was at this point I thought...we could do with some light/dark, Star Wars-y type shots to really hit it home!

My camera doesn't like the dark.

It's quite eerie and surreal.

This one really captures it I think. This is the telling shot. The Dark boy is just behind the light boy....but the light boy hasn't noticed...arrrghhghghbbq!

In seriousness: this was a really fun little project that took up a few hours. I had a lot of fun with and it really helped me put my character into perspective. I see him as a 3D entity now and it is my job to draw him from the right angles and in the right poses so as to communicate what I see across to my audience. This is going to be trickier than I thought....but I think as soon as I get my backgrounds right we'll be ready to rock, then its just a matter of animating it!

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