Monday, 29 December 2008


For many moons, in fact as long as I can remember, I have been really, really rubbish at planning. Working towards this degree means you have to be quite good at planning, so I made the effort to get better...and I did get better, a lot better. I now plan ahead, draw up agendas, think about what might go wrong and right, that sort of thing. I have actually got pretty good at this and it even started to bleed into my personal life. I could timetable things in mentally without having to set reminders or appointments on my phone. I would be on time for things, remember peoples birthdays and generally live up to my responsibilities a lot better. But this time around I am worried I have really cocked things up!

I have been planning this animation for a while now and I have got so into it, so in depth, so detailed: down to each scene having the characters, camera movements, sound effects, special effects and all of the other things that come with making a an animation great, planned, that I have completely pushed through my deadline. I should be adding final touches in preparation for the final push, putting things in folders and doing supporting documentation. Instead, I am at the beginning of what I believe will be the best animation I have made so far...with no time in which to do it.

But I have learned to plan for crisis! So, what I have decided to do is use my storyboards, initial ideas, written plans and source material to put together a rough working version of the cartoon. it will essentially be what a director sees at the end of everyday to make sure things are running smoothly. The animation, rough backgrounds and sound effects will all be there and done. The timing and the 'feel' of the piece will be complete....but it will have no colour, special effects or 'polish'....

Now, this may sound like a resounding 'failure', but it isn't because that isn't where the plan stops. I will continue to work on finishing the cartoon after the deadline, getting as far as possible and add the finished piece to my folders, hopefully less than a week after the deadline. All of the documentation will be done, the folders will already be ready...the only thing missing will be the completed final piece...which will slyly be added when it is finished.

So. No that the plan is laid out: I will show the progress I have made after one day! I have completely planned out the animation now...all I have to do is put it together. All storyboards and that sort of thing are completely taken care I have set to drawing...and it is going well. Two scenes drawn in....I have all week and at two scenes per day will more than likely have the whole things pencilled in and ready for the next phase by the end of the week. Hurrah. Here are two very lonely screenshots to liven up this post. I would put video of the rough plans up actually: I will add them too.

This scene is quite important in the scheme of things and this is only a rough plan of it....but it is essential that we see the mothers hand warn the child otherwise the piece won't make sense at all. That is why there is little detail in the scene, to draw attention to the hand...which will point and wag in the final scene.

Imagine this fully coloured in. You can see the camera movement in this scene in the video below creates a sort of 3D effect. When it is coloured in the foreground and background will swap becoming blurred and the other that the attention of the viewer is drawn to the correct part of the scene. It's going to look tremendous.


Last but not least is the rough animation of one of the scenes I have done today. There has been more added since this output - but a bit of video certainly spices things up, so here you are!

More tommorow. Same bat-time: same bat-blog.

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