Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Looking good!

So, it's starting to come together with almost a minute of planned animation knocked up and nearly 30 seconds of completed stuff, its starting to come together. I have done plenty today and here are the screenshots and video to prove it.

This shot is where the boy jumps out. You can see more of this shot in the video at the bottom of the page.

Here we see the boy landing after the jump before he tries to swipe the butterfly with his net. I used some old test footage to map out the background for this shot....the boy needed adequate room to perform the swing, but the butterfly and log needed placing into the scene first.

There is a lot of nice use of perspective in this cartoon. It really helps to add a sense of depth to the piece.

This is the background for where the boy sits down on the log after missing the butterfly. He is sulking when he hears a scream or loud sound effect and falls off the log.

When he stands up, the camera pans out to reveal this shot...which will of course be colored in and look totally awesome and beautiful.


I'm not sure if there videos are running correctly...they aren't on my computer, but I'm having some issues with it at the moment that I haven't had time to sort out. I need to view it from another computer...but if it is, then this is the scene where the boy jumps out to try and catch the butterfly. We see him whizz past the screen in one shot and then appear into this shot. There is a lot of special effects in this scene that I am looking forward to adding in....afterall the above video is only a planning shot.

Planning the whole thing out is actually really helping me see the piece come together and note where it needs improvement or the story doesn't quite carry properly. Perhaps the lack of time I have is a blessing in disguise....more tomorrow!

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