Friday, 19 December 2008

The Completed Poem

Eligh's Dark Fable

As you turn these pages, heed my warning

Read through the night, and you may not make the morning

For within these words, a curse is held

Evil and corrupt, that cannot be expelled

You have one more chance, to turn away

But if you choose to read, you better prey.

Amidst the mist, and fiercest fog

Through the trees and across the bog

A shack stands still, damp and rotten

Hidden away, almost forgotten

But within its walls, a figure lies

Still and silent, waiting to arise.

A fair bit away, where the air is clear

A young boy wandered, empty of fear

Steer clear of the forest, his mother had barked

Accepting this rule, the child embarked

As he came to the forest he slowed to a stop

“I’d better not enter, or I’d be for the chop”

As the child thought, he turned to go home

But from within the trees came an awful moan

“What if someone’s hurt,” pondered the child

And off he ran, into the wild

As he stepped on branches, hearing them crack

The boy came upon an old wooden shack

The door swung open, with one loud creak

The child began to shake, and his knees went weak

As he peered inside, darkness peered back

And an eerie voice came out of the black

Come closer my child, could you lend me a hand

And in one slow movement, inside he did stand

At last you’re here, I’ve been waiting so long

There’s no turning back, this is where you belong

As the child turned around, to run away

The door slammed shut, much to his dismay.

Leaving so soon, I should think not

You’ll remain here forever, in this very spot

A long loud scream erupted from the child

Passing through the shack and into the wild

Back through the trees, and back through the bog

Back through the mist and back through the fog

Finally reaching the outskirts of the trees

Where a young girl hears it, on the end of the breeze

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Blue in Green said...

The speaker is clear. The form is wonderful. The beat and music etc. This is awesome!
Wishing you a merry christmas