Monday, 15 December 2008


So, with the Hallmark work out of the way its back to the project. I wasn't particularly excited about coming back to it I admit...but that was just lazy me popping out his head to remind me how easy it is to sit on your butt and do nothing. So, today I started animating. I started at the start as well...which is a rarity in me and I have also worked through this first scene with technique and patience...another rarity. And I won't lie. I am really, really chuffed with how it as come out. I realise that the animation is only on 2's at this stage, the inbetweening needs to be done and there is no colour, but I'm really pleased with my opening shot. I have never done a perspective run before in my life, so that makes this one my first one and I think I've done very well. Until now I've always avoided them like the plague, but this one was a necessity in getting the look I want for this piece.


This is really early on into animating the scene. It was basic shapes, with guiding lines and I outputted it to see if it made sense to watch. It had a few foibles and there was virtually no animation in there yet, but the positioning and timing were getting there and that is what I wanted to check.


I outputted this video in colour to make sure that the legs were disappearing into the grass correctly. They were not, but I could see where the changes needed to be made. You can see that character flashing in and out a lot and arms missing in places, this was still very early in the animation of the scene and was just a basic output to check on a few things before I continued to animate the scene. The characters movement and the timing made sense and that was all that was important at this stage.


In this final Test Output, you can see things have come together much more nicely. The character is no longer flashing in and out and all of his limbs are present. There is no colour and it is only animated on 2's, but I wouldn't post the final scene here because you would have no reason to watch the full piece when it arrives. The important thing is that this short clip shows the character looks correct and acceptable as he bounds through the grass. Obviously, he is only roughly lined. The inbetweens need to be done, then the whole thing needs to be 'inked' and coloured - this is just a test shot.

I have posted the making of this scene into my T&P blog, where I go into detail about the techniques I have used and why I chose to do the scene the way I have. I'm finding that it looks like I have done less work this time around - which isn't true - I've just decided to tie it into my T&P because it makes more sense that way and I get some T&P done as I would be cheeky to post it on two different blogs.

Anyway, check out the making of this scene on my T&P blog here:

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