Sunday, 30 November 2008


Its Sunday! Day of rest and animation! Something like that. Today, I have done a bit of character work, a bit of background design and research (Which is before this post) and a little bit of animation. I have been reserving my test animation for my T&P blog, which you can link to from the left hand side of this page, but the test piece I've done today will be covered in this entry instead.

Oooo where to start. We'll start with the character stuff! I needed to get some more work done on the boy after he enters the forest - with his darker look. I have started doing that:

Basic elements of the character. He is simple in design, but that doesn't limit what you can do with him.

I think when I get to animating him fully, he is going to look great.

Awww, he's scared....

Next, a new character that has never been seen before!

This is a manifestation of the darkness that has lured the boy into the forest. Swirls have the never ending are the theme for the forest and with this character been the antagonist of the piece, I wanted people to think he had made the forest all swirly, dark and evil because...well, he has done exactly that.

Above is the hand that will lure the boy into the shack and then snatch him up.

What will happen inside the shack I don't know. Above = hypothesis!

Then a little bit of background work...these still aren't quite coming together - I can't decide on a style and I don't like what Ive done myself...

Another dark background - still not quite feeling it.

This is going to be one of the most important shots in the entire piece. When the boy walks into the forest everything transforms. The scenery, the foliage...even the boy. This needs to be conveyed to the audience perfectly, otherwise they will get confused and it will ruin the piece. That is why I have made it as simple as possible. A background, divided into two halves - one light, one dark. When the boy crosses behind the tree he changes into the darker version of himself. If I do it right, it will look great. Do it wrong, it will look crap.

Last but not least. The animation of the day! Fast running boy. First the run itself:


Then the making of the run:


Then my commentary: This run is OK. It's very procedural though, nothing that great about it. It's not inventive in anyway. I don't mind it because it looks OK and it suits the piece...but there are a few other mistakes. There is too much head movement. The head needs to move in a tighter circle otherwise it all just looks a bit too much. I had to shoot this on 2's to slow it down so that you could actually make sense of it. But lesson learned and that is whats important!

Other than that, I think today has been a good progress day. Plenty of work done - just need to get cracking on the backgrounds and get a few more poses for the boy down. I've got to draft up the end of the piece, which I will do the same day I get the end of the poem. Then I need to go over everything, make sure it all makes sense, it all looks good. Go to an in depth final storyboard, make sure all the backgrounds are done then animate the it and find the right music. We're getting there slowly....but the deadline looms! DUM DUM DUMMMMM!

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