Monday, 24 November 2008

A little bit of everything...

Today I set out to tick some things off of my 'To Do' list and after working solid since noon I can report I haven't managed to do that. I have however got quite a lot done and am pleased with my progress. This is the first real day of work on the project and things are coming along nicely.

I started the day by researching into some background artist - I will make a post on that tomorrow. That was fun and I found some really great work. Then I checked my 'To Do' list and I have quite a bit to be getting on with. So I got right too it. Started with a bit of background work, then did some character design and posing and then back to backgrounds and well you get the picture. Busy. My mistake was letting my excitement get the better of me and plunging right in, doing a bit of everything. Anyway here are some of the days results!

I like this shot. I think I am going to use it for when the child is running up the hill right at the start of the piece. He is chasing a butterfly at the start. I think it will give the piece a fast sense of pace, making it exciting and vibrant, thus it will be more shocking when the boy gets into the woods.

This run is a little later on. I will be a doing a test of this run tomorrow for my T&P. I think this better catches the innocence that I want the character to have.

This is where the boy tries to capture the butterfly. I wanted a big stretch first. But this wasn't big enough so I tried again...

Much better.

Then the slam down. Not right.

Much better. But still room for improvement.

This is at the top of the hill when he waves to his mum. This was an earlier design. I think he needs to be shorter...cuter and more innocent. This makes him look too stick figure-ish. Definitely something I don't want.

I then drew up a thumbnail storyboard of the first part of the film. It is based on a document that I will include at the beginning of my project folder called 'Initial Ideas'.

Here is a close up. You can have a read of the things I have written...a sneak preview if you will.

Whilst researching this morning I found this amazing tree. It is by a photographer who's blog I came across. He kayaks around America taking pictures...very good pictures that I rather like. You can find his blog here. I decided I like this amazing tree so much, that I wanted to incorporate it into my piece. I saw faces in its wood work and thought it would be a fantastic idea to bring them into my animation to make it just that little bit creepier.

This is what I came up with. At least part of it, I couldn't get it all in the camera frame (Santa's bringing me a scanner for Christmas though so its OK). This isn't quite how I imagined it, but by the time I put it to digital ink I'm sure I will have it down. It is still a good drawing :)


To finish off here is a timelapse video of me starting one of the backgrounds for a scene in the forest. The video is short - but the time it took is long. About 45 minutes condensed here. I am a learner when it comes to photoshop, but I'm inspired by my previous results with it.

I was thinking about this project all weekend and am really eager to get on with it. I know its gunna be a good one, I can feel it in my bones. I just need to get the 'feel' right. Its essential. Time constraints mean I really need to start animating next week...and its a short week for me due to unforeseen circumstances.

More tomorrow as you'd expect.

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