Thursday, 20 November 2008

Eligh's Dark Fable

I have always been a huge Lewis Carroll fan. I think his nonsense poetry is some of the most stunning work I have ever read - in fact it has long been my dream to animate 'The Hunting of the Snark' in full as a short film. I know it is a piece of work that many have admired and worked on over the years, but I always wanted to bring it up to date and do a fully animated piece of work on it.

That is why I have decided to base my piece on a poem a friend of mine has written. It isn't nessecarily a nonsense piece in fact, it is a new flavour in the world of Daniel Hill. It is Dark. No humour this time, no funny voices and no slapstick. Instead. A sorry tale of woe and innocences as a young boy is lured into a dark wood by a mysterious character.

Ladies & Gentlemen I give to you:

Eligh's Dark Fable

"As you turn these pages, heed my warning
Read through the night, and you may not make the morning

For within these words, a curse is held
Evil and corrupt, that cannot be expelled

You have one more chance, to turn away
But if you choose to read, you better prey.


Amidst the mist, and fiercest fog
Through the trees and across the bog

A shack stands still, damp and rotten
Hidden away, almost forgotten

But within its walls, a figure lies
Still and silent, waiting to arise.

A fair bit away, where the air is clear
A young boy wandered, empty of fear

Steer clear of the forest, his mother had barked
Accepting this rule, the child embarked

As he came to the forest he slowed to a stop
“I’d better not enter, or I’d be for the chop”

As the child thought, he turned to go home
But from within the trees came an awful moan

“What if someone’s hurt,” pondered the child
And off he ran, into the wild

As he stepped on branches, hearing them crack
The boy came upon an old wooden shack

The door swung open, with one loud creak
The child began to shake, and his knees went weak

As he peered inside, darkness peered back
And an eerie voice came out of the black

Come closer my child, could you lend me a hand
And in one slow movement, inside he did stand

At last you’re here, I’ve been waiting so long
There’s no turning back, this is where you belong "

To be continued.......


So recent is this poetry by my friend,
that it does not yet have an end.

But soon enough the time will come,
when the truth is revealed and it will be done.

Then I will write and I will draw,
And I will play and I will score.

I will imagine and I will paint,
I will not sleep and animate.

Then one winters breeze will bring the day,
When I am finished and I can say:

Eligh's Dark Fable is finished today,
Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!

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