Thursday, 20 November 2008

Dear Santa....

For Christmas, I would like a scanner.

Here are the first concept drawings for Eligh's Dark Fable!

Character Concept

Boy lost in the forest.

Boy finding the old wooden shack.

Quick computer art experiment.

I really want to highlight the contrast between the boy playing outside in the open. Sun, green, green grass, blue skies and an element of fun in him chasing a butterfly or something will show that the boy is happy and the warm colours and symbolism will help the audience to understand that this is just a little boy fooling around outdoors. That is why I will be working with sprawling, beautiful backgrounds like this one I made earlier:

First finished background

But then, when he reaches the edge of the forest I want the entire thing to suddenly take a turn for the worst. A shot of the boy peering into the forest as it towers away above him, leering down. Suddenly, I want the audience to see how small the boy is, easy the boy could be harmed. I want the audience to not want the boy to go into the forest, so that they are involved in the piece. To do this, the imagery needs to be attractive, perceptive and perfect. This piece must stand out above the other pieces I have done before. It is essential.

Concept for leering forest.

I really want the background art to stand out in this animation, as the character design necessitates simplicity so I can animate him smoothly and quickly. It feels nice to be focusing on the aesthetics and direction of a piece instead of worrying about sound recording and lip syncing things correctly. The background music really needs to be special. I am looking into composing a piece myself and then perhaps getting a friend to help me program it into Sibelius so I can get a mock-up orchestrated recording. If its really good, I know a few friends who might be able to sort me out a full performance. That would be fantastic :)

I will be doing some research into background designers and trying to get in touch with a few of them to get information on how they go about planning their backgrounds. It's early doors but I think this post really shows the potential of this project.

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