Thursday, 20 November 2008


New brief. New project. New beginning.

I have written my own brief for this project:

The Bradford Animation Festival (BAF) comes to Bradford once a year. It is a showcase for thousands of animations and hundreds of innovative animators, each one with their own unique style of animation; from 3D to single line drawings. Thousands of people attend this festival and it is a great place to get your work seen by animation fans and potential employers.

Your research should investigate several animators or artists all with their own unique style of animation. You should choose a wide range of sources, with clear distinctions to show that you have considered many different options. Profile these animators or artists to discover where they have come from and how their own unique style has developed. Attend the Bradford Animation Festival itself and research some of the work there, this will an invaluable source for this project.

Create a short animation to be entered into the Bradford Animation Festival. The animation should tell a short story, without any of the characters using words. The characters actions, the backgrounds, the body language and expressions should convey the story. The overall piece should carry its own tone and keep the audience interested and invested in it at all times. The music used in the piece will be invaluable in creating the atmosphere of the piece.

Your outcome should exemplify your own unique style and brand of animation. Whilst telling the story it should show what you are capable of with your work, so that the people watching can identify or understand you through your own style of animation. This is an opportunity to explore different styles of animation that you previously might not have experimented with

I believe this project provides a fantastic opportunity to diversify my work a little and explore alternative animation possibilities. More importantly it will let me work with some 'real' animation tools and do some 'proper' animation. I get to animate an entire piece drawing by drawing, with all my own concept are and character design. This really is a fantastic opportunity to prove my worth not only as an animator but as a director and artist.

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