Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Adam Phillips

I remember the first time I saw an Adam Phillips animation. I had just recently joined Newgrounds and everybody was raving about "Prowlies at the River". My jaw dropped when I saw it. Investigation: this really couldn't be done in Flash could it? Whoever made this must be a reet lying SOAB! Well, Adam Phillips is none of those things and "Prowlies" went on to win at Flash Forward in San Francisco and take the Grand Prize at TGSNT 2. That certainly shut me up. His next animation 'littleFoot' went on to do just as well and now he is heralded as an animation legend in the world of Flash Animation and rightly so.

Adam Phillips lives in Australia. He quit Disney as a special effects artist to bring to life a world he had invented in his spare time. The world of Brackenwood. And what a world it is, full of incredible scenery, beautiful waterfalls and bizarre lovable creatures. You can truly get lost in this world and I firmly believe that if somebody would just give him the money to do it, he would make a film that the rest of the world could get lost in too.

As a modern story teller he does something which I honestly thought might have been lost forever in the world of animation: He gets me truly involved with the events that unfold. His stories are inventive, original and full of humour and harmony. They are instantly classic, but completely fresh.

As an animator he knows his tools so well, that he can fool people into believing anything is possible and his subtle sparse use of computer animation is something I have always enjoyed - its almost cheeky. As a special effects animator he is unsurpassed. His water effects are incredible, they make my eyes run and lip quiver. How he does some of the things he does - in Flash none the less - is absolutely incredible.

As a background designer he is extraordinary. His use of scenery and wildlife are epic. He uses his backgrounds to communicate so much about the world he has created and they really do bring Brackenwood to life. He is a terrific talent and I respect his world deeply. Below is some of his work and a link to his website where you can view all of his animations.

Just look at the detail, time and care taken in these images.

A great use of blur in the foreground to add depth to the image.

Great camera angle choices throughout give the piece depth and keep the audience interested.

This night scene is the opening shot of "Prowlies at the River". See why I was sceptical?

'littleFoot' is my favourite film by Adam.

These are from his animation Bitey of Brackenwood: this is the first time we meet his lead character 'Bitey' - the most horrible creature in the wood, but also the fastest.

This fairy tale image is a perfect ending to Adam's latest animation in the Brackenwood series: Waterlollies. The detail and time in this animation is nothing short of amazing. I really love this final image when Bitey gets what he deserves.

Of course Adam Phillip's work doesn't stop there. He is also a freelance artist and has worked on many, many projects including one for Kelloggs.

Please visit Adam's website: http://www.biteycastle.com/

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